Maitreya is an Open Source platform for Vedic and western astrology. Supported platforms are Windows, Max OS X, Linux and BSD.


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Feature Overview

  • Various chart styles in Vedic and western tradition
  • Dasas in various text and graphical views (tree and bar diagram)
  • Ashtakavarga, Shadbala, Yogas and their predictions from classic scriptures
  • Solar (annual) chart, transits and progressions
  • Transits, progresssion, Solar Arc
  • Uranian astrology: sensitive points and their events, annual predictions.
  • Partner charts, ephemeris, eclipses, Hora.

Using the Software for the first time

Read the Getting Started guide before using it for the first time.


Release 8.1 available (Sep 20 2023)

This is a refresh of 8.0 release with update for current software versions and operating systems.

  • Source code compiles with recent wxWidgets version (3.2.2)
  • New build for Windows with current MinGW release and wx 3.2.2
  • New builds for macOS and Ubuntu.

Service release 8.0.1b available (Nov 17 2022)

Changes are

  • Font updated due to copyright issues.
  • Source code compiles on wxWidgets 3.2
  • Ubuntu package available for version LTS 22.04 (usable for derivates like Linux Mint 21)