Release Notes

This chapter summarizes the main changes of the releases. Please refer to the news section for detailed information about minor releases, release dates, bug fixes etc.

Release 8.0

Vedic Astrology

  • Shadbala view added
  • Dasa tree view: signification of Mahadasas and Antardasas can be displayed according to the scriptures, currently Parasara and Phala Deepika
  • Solar chart: Vimsottari Dasa and Muntha added, Vedic mode.
  • Vedic partner astrology: Rajju Koota added.

General Astrology

  • Additional planetary attributes can be displayed: element, quality, Antiscia, 90 and 45 deg circle (western), basic signification (vedic)

Uranian Astrology

  • Tables for sums, differences, midpoints of Antiscia and reflection points of pairs added.
  • Events of these types can be viewed in UranianView, Transit and PartnerView.
  • New modes in transit view: shifted Meridian, shifted gravitation point, reverse Solar arc

User Interface

  • Vedic chart: aspects (Rasi and Graha drishti) can be displayed on (shift+, ctrl+) mouse over
  • Vedic chart: basic signification of Varga charts can be displayed with the chart
  • Western chart: magnify aspects and corresponding planets on mouse over
  • New styles for vedic and western charts (yet to be completed)
  • Configuration dialog improved. Data can be saved per tab. Restore defaults now possible.
  • New font, nicer astrological glyphs
  • Graphical Dasa: highlight of Dasas on mouse over. Simplified acess for zoom (Ctrl+mouse wheel) and Antardasa mode (Shift+mouse wheel)


  • Support for Julian and Gregorian dates on birth data input. Support for input years BC added.
  • Location database updated, includes now 164K cities.


  • XML based configuration migrated to JSON. Old custom XML Yoga definition files can be converted in Yoga Editor.
  • Linux: Debian package is now for Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit.
  • Swiss Ephemeris can be used (as shared library) from the installed system if provided. Applies to Debian Linux and derivates.
  • Textclient for UNIX-like systems renamed, name is now maitreya8t
  • Support for MS Visual Studio environment discontinued

Release 7.0

Major Changes

  • New location database based upon Large number of worldwide locations (120K), 350K alias names.
  • Several new chart graphics, e.g. colored chart backgrounds, rectangular and elliptic charts in western astrology.
  • TransitView: transits in western mode can be shown inside or outside the radix chart. Time zone can be configured. Several bugs fixed.
  • Support for dynamic daylight saving change: Ephemeris, Transit View, Eclipse and Hora View.
  • New Dasa representation in compact tabular view

General Changes

  • All platforms are integrated in a single release, i.e. MacOS version is now part of the stable release.
  • New binary package platforms for Linux: supported are now current 32 bit versions of Mint LTS (Maya), Ubuntu LTS (Precise), and Redhat, CentOS, Fedora
  • Input errors are displayed in user input dialogs
  • Configuration panel for new atlas aka location database
  • Font configuration: PDF fonts can be selected separately
  • New configation for planet, sign and house colors
  • Tamil translation (partly)
  • Various bugs of version 6 fixed

Release 6.0

Major Changes

  • Improved transit view with double western/Vedic chart and Sarvatobhadra in all modes (transit, Solar, direction etc). Animation of transits on the time axis supported.
  • Extended partner view with double western/Vedic chart, Sarvatobhadra and mixed Varga charts.
  • Yoga editor for custom Yoga definitions.
  • Arabic Parts (Fortune etc.). Parts can be displayed in graphical charts, Vargas etc.
  • Uranian astrology refactored and available in western and Vedic view. Astrological objects can be configured now.

Medium and Minor Changes

  • Configuration of colors for planets, signs, aspects.
  • Improved aspect configuration, colors, aspect symbols and styles. Many new aspects can be configured (Quintile, Septile, Novile, declination).
  • Styles now supported for Sarvatobhadra chart (like in western/Vedic chart). All objects can be shown in Sbc.
  • New coordiantes in charts: equatorial, barycentric and heliocentric.
  • New object: Sphuta Navamsa Lagna.
  • New styles for western chart with big symbols, new symbol set for signs.
  • New simplified shortcuts.
  • New Yogas: Non luminous planets (Parasara ch. 25), Planets in houses including Nodes from Phala Deepika ch. 8.

Other Changes

These features are not visible from the astrologer's point of view but have impact on development.

  • New license: GPL (the software stays free and Open Source)
  • XML based configs for charts, printout, colors and Yogas.
  • Directory structure after 'make install' according GNU conventions.
  • New Debian package for Linux/Ubuntu users.
  • File based storage of configuration under Windows (UNIX-like) instead of Windows Registry.

Release 5.0

Major Changes

  • Yoga view shows planetary events according to classical scriptures (Parasara, Saravali, Brihat Jataka). Support for higher Vargas.
  • Support for astrological scripting language (MDL = Maitreya definition language). This language is used to define astrological events and their effects.
  • Ashtaka Varga view with diagrams (Rasi and Graha summary) and graphical charts for Rekha, Trikona and Ekadhipatya Shodana (all Vargas). Several options for AV calculation.
  • Varga overview with diagram of Vimsopaka Bala and grouped charts.
  • Improved Vedic chart with styles (like western chart in version 4.2)
  • All astrological objects are available in both Vedic and western view (including Kala Velas, Upagrahas, Uranian planets, planetoids).

Minor Changes

  • Configuration dialog rewritten.
  • Configuration of individual aspect types and orbes in western chart.
  • Display options for lords and dignities in planetary list.
  • Kala Vela configuration support (lords, portions, Gulika can be included now).
  • Buttons in main toolbar can be configured now.
  • Custom footer in PDF printout (can be used for name of astrologer etc.)
  • Graphical/textual display of planets and signs in graphical Dasa view.
  • Multiple chart views added in partner view and Tajaka view.
  • Support for Krusinski house system.
  • Italian translation.
  • Default house system for Vedic astrology is now Placidus. K.P: style house system ist default, too.
  • Better support for development on MS Windows. The software builds now on MS Visual Studio Express.
  • Full support for wxWidgets 2.8 on all platforms. wx 2.6 is deprecated now. Windows installer comes with latest 2.8 release.

Release 4.2

  • Symbols for signs, planets and aspects in western and Vedic astrology.
  • Support for new astronomical objects: Chiron, Pholus, Lilith (Black Moon) and 4 planetoids Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta
  • Strongly improved western graphic chart. Styles can configured, colors, pictures, etc.
  • Support for Pratyantardasas in graphical Dasa view; display of periods on mouse-over event.
  • Vedic names of signs and planets are supported now
  • Polish language support.


  • Installation of version 4.2 requires manual font installation on Linux/Unix, see the Symbol Font page

Release 4.1

  1. Telugu language support.
  2. Improved location database, mouse wheel, double click, etc. are supported now.
  3. Support for Indian display of planetary positions (like 00-10-20 instead of 10-20 Aries).
  4. Suport for Legal and Letter paper format.
  5. Improved Sarvatobhadra (Unicode)
  6. Bugs of version 4.0 (Lagna Vimsottari and configuration errors) fixed.
  7. Compilation errors on GNU gcc 4.1 ("invalid extra qualification") fixed.
  8. Several minor changes.

Release 4.0


  1. Graphical Dasa view showing the Dasas on the time axis. This view allows to get a synchronous overview of different Dasas.
  2. New text view of Dasas showing Mahadasas and Antardasas in comprehensive tabular form.
  3. Entry charts can be created for the starting point of all Dasas.

Solar/Tajaka Chart

Solar/Tajaka charts are supported in Vedic and western mode. It is possible to create new documents based on Solar charts and to analyse them like normal charts.


  1. Graphical Ephemeris in different circles like 360 deg, 90 deg or Nakshatra view (13:20).
  2. Ingress Events of the planets are supported for signs and Nakshatras.
  3. The Krishnamurti view calculates the starting events of lord/sublord periods.
  4. Sunrise, sunset, sidereal time and Tithi (Vedic date) are supported.
  5. Lunar phases and start of Tithis can be shown in another view.


The printout is completely rewritten. Printout is done in PDF format and viewing/printing is delegated to the PDF viewer (like Acrobat Reader or xpdf).

Different printout types can be configured. This new feature allows e.g. a multi page printout with several Vargas or Dasas.

Partner Chart

The partner view supports the Composite chart. This kind of chart is based upon the midpoints of two charts.

Further Changes

Here is a list of further changes/enhancements since version 3.2.

  1. Russian language support.
  2. All text windows can be shown in HTML or plain text. Text export can be done in these two formats, too.
  3. Fonts and colors can be configured.
  4. Graphical Export of Charts: there are 3 new formats: TIF, PNM and PCX. The gif format has been removed.
  5. The main window list control can be shown in three different modes: Big icons (3.x style), small icons and report view.
  6. A context menu in the main window control gives access to several application commands.
  7. Several new house systems have been added.
  8. K.P. support for general Nakshatra Dasas (not only Vimsottari). This is intended to be an advanced research feature.

Removed Features

The following features have been removed.

  1. Narayana and Lagna Kendradi Dasa.
  2. Unusual Ayanamsas. Only the standard Ayanamsas are left: Lahiri, Raman, Krishnamurti and custom Ayanamsa.