Getting Started

The First Chart

On startup two windows will open, a main window with menu and icon list and a chart window with a table of planetary positions.

  • The menu command Document → Edit Chart Data will open a dialog window where you can edit the chart's data. Click OK to close the dialog and calculate positions according to the new data.
  • Right click into the chart window will open a context menu. Here you can change the view type: Vedic/western
  • The menu commands in the Vedic menu will open subwindows for Vedic charts
  • Same for the commands in the Western menu for western astrology
  • The chart will be saved with the command File → Save. Enter a suitable file name.
  • The chart will be closed if you close the first tabular window of the chart.
  • A new chart can be open with the command File → New
  • Some view types do not belong to a specific chart (e.g. Ephemeris). Consequently some commands are not available, e.g. Dasa view.

Basic Configuration

The configuration is under Extras → Configuration.

Minimal steps

  1. First tab ("General"): select your preferred view style: Vedic or Western.
  2. Go to the second tab and configure the Default Location.

Basic Philosophy

  • The application window contains a list of all opened windows. You can right click on the icons in the list to open a context menu. Each child window will be raised if you double click the icon. Menu commands only affect the active window.
  • Each chart has a main window. All dependend child windows will be closed if you close the main window.
  • Each child window has a context menu that can be opened with right click on the window.
  • A new chart has the current time and default location as base data. You can change it with the chart data dialog (right click → Birth Data)
  • You can toggle the view style (Vedic/western) of all child windows that support toggle.
  • There are permanent and temporary options. Permanent options can be configured in the configuration dialog, temporary options can be switched in the context menu and will be lost after closing the window.
  • Mouse wheel changes the style of graphical charts (MacOS X: shift+wheel).
  • The chart data is stored in files. If you change the birth data, you will be asked if you want to save the data. Saved charts can be opened again later.