Part 1: Views based upon a Single Horoscope

Section Subsection Contents
General Views Basic Horoscope View Basic list of objects (planets etc.) and their astrological properties
Text View Various text representations for Vedic and western astrologers
Transit View Transits, directions and several arc methods
Solar View Chart of yearly Solar return
Vedic Views Vedic Chart View Graphical charts in Vedic mode
Varga View Summary of Varga charts and their strength evaluation
Sarvatobhadra View Sarvatobhadra Chakra (Sbc)
Dasa Views Dasas (periods) in various types
Yoga View Combinations of planets in Vedic Chart
Ashtakavarga View Strength according to chapter 66 ff. of Parasara Hora Shastra
Shadbala View Another source of strength according to Parasara
Western Views Western Chart View Circular display in western mode
Uranian View Display relations of objects according to Uranian astrology

Part 2: Other Views and Dialogs

Section Subsection Contents
Other Astrological Views Partner View Vedic and western views for combination of two charts
Ephemeris View Information about the monthly ephemeris
Eclipse View Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Hora View Lord of the hour according to Vedic astrology
Dialogs Data Dialog Enter personal birth data, location and time zone
Atlas Dialog Directory of worldwide locations and their coordinates