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Saravali: Western Views

Western Views

These views are used in western astrology. See the General Views page for views that are shared between western and Vedic astrology.

Western Chart View

The western chart shows a circular graphical representation.



  • 0 (zero): open a new western chart realated to the current horoscope
  • Escape or Ctrl+W: close chart
  • ↑ and ↓ (arrows): change the skin of the chart
  • → and ← (arrows): change chart orientation (reference point to angles)

Mouse actions

  • Wheel: change skin
  • Mouse over: highlight planet under the mouse and its aspects

Context Menu

Several style options can be changed with the context menu (Mouse button 2). These changes take only effect on the current chart. Permanent changes can be made in the config dialog.

Display of Planets

Planets and signs are shown as symbols in western chart. Several of them have multiple symbols (Uranus, Pluto, Capricorn). The desired display type can be selected in the Planets and Signs dialog.


Aspects can be configured in two tabs of the configuration dialog

  1. Aspect types to be displayed, their orbis and visual representation can be configured in the Aspects tab.
  2. Behaviour on mouse over events (magnifying etc.) can be configured in the Western Chart tab. Aspect display can be switched off completely if desired.

Other Display Options

Several options are available.

  • Astrological objects object selection, see Astrological Objects
  • Display of retrograde motion (R) can be toggled
  • Reference point on the left side: Ascendant or one of the fixed sign
  • Houses, see the page House Systems for details. House numbers can be shown as Latin or Roman numbers.
  • The secondary chart (transit, second partner) can be shown either inside or outside the primary chart.
  • Default colors can be changed in the Colors dialog.
  • Fonts can be changed in the Fonts dialog.

Uranian View

This is the basic view for Uranian astrology giving an insight to the radix horoscope, see ERROR:uranian for an introduction to this topic.


Elements of the toolbar are

  • Sort order: tabs with events
  • Filter: tabs with events
  • Orbis in minutes (events)
  • Circle type (all tabs): 360 (conjunctions only), 180 (incl. oppositions), 90 (squares) etc.
  • Year (yearly preview only): defaults to the curren year
  • Config button: setup the inclusion of specific Uranian events, i.e. midpoints, reflection points, sums and differences (events only).

Tables containing Algebraic Combinations

These tabs contain various additive algebraic relations of two objects.

Relations are

  • Midpoints, the most important relation in Uranian Astrology
  • Sums
  • Differences
  • Midpoints of Antiscia
  • Reflection Points, the reverse relation for midpoints

Views of Matching Event

These views contain the matching events of the radix horoscope according to the current configuration, i.e. filter, circle type, orbis, event types.

There are two different view of events

  • Cluster view contains a table column for each object and the matching relations in the entries below
  • Matching table contains the comprehensive list incl. orbis and circle type of the events

Yearly Preview

The yearly preview adresses the so called Future Points described by Alfred Witte.

It contains the pair and triple events that will match within a given year. Calculation is done according to Solar arc.