House Systems

Supported House Systems

The program supports currently 11 different house systems identical to the house systems supported by Swiss ephemeris.

See the table below and the Swiss Ephemeris documentation as well.

Configuration of Houses

House systems can be configured separately for Vedic and western astrology in the Western Calculation resp. the Vedic Calculation tab of the configuration dialog.

Cusps and Sandhis

Vedic astrology has several different view points of houses.

  1. Simple Rasi view: houses are the same as signs (starting from the sign of Ascendant resp. Moon). This system is most frequently used in Vedic astrology.
  2. Cusp view: houses start from the cusps and end at the cusp of the next house (like in western astrology). This view is used by the K.P. system.
  3. Sandhi view: houses start from the Sandhis (middle of the house). So the cusp is in the middle of the corresponding house. The corresponding chart is also called Chalita Chakra.

The vedic calculation tab of the configuration dialog has the option to switch between sandhi view and cusp view (check box K.P. Style House System).

List of House Systems

No. Name Comment
1 Placidus Default for western astrology, also used in KP astrology
2 Koch Widely used in the USA
2 Regiomontanus Similar to Placidus
3 Campanus Old house system
4 Porphyry Default for Vedic astrology
5 Equal Each house has 30 deg. First house starts at the ascendant
6 Vehlow Equal Similar to (5), but ascendant is in the middle of 1st house
7 Axial Rotation Starts from the Meridian (ARMC). It is used in Uranian Astrology (Meridian house system).
8 Azimutal/Horizontal First house in the east
9 Polich/Page -
10 Alcabitus -
11 Morinus -
12 Krusinski -