Jaimini Astrology

Chara Karakas

Jaimini astrology defines the Chara Karakas. These Karakas depend on the planetary positions in the horoscope. Most important is Atma Karaka (Karaka of self), see Parasara Hora Shastra

Out of these Karakas, Atma Karaka is the most important and has a prime say on the native, just as the king is the most famous among the men of his country and is the head of all affairs and is entitled to arrest and release men. (BPHS 32.8)

Eight Karakas are defined

No. Karaka Name Signification
1 Atma Karaka Self
2 Amatya Karaka 2nd Karaka for self
3 Bhratru Karaka Coborn
4 Matru Karaka Mother
5 Pitru Karaka Father
6 Putra Karaka Offspring
7 Gnati Karaka Relatives
8 Stree or Dara Karaka Spouse and husband

Calculation Rules

In Chara Karaka calculation only the traversed longitude of the planets in their specific sign is considered. So the planet with the highest longitude in his sign is Atma Karaka, the second Amatya Karaka etc.

Rahu is always considered in reverse manner: the order of Rahu depends upon the distance from the end of his sign because Rahu is a regrograde planet.

Raman's Rule

Raman and Shastri use only the seven planets for Chara Karaka calculation. Dara Karaka is missing in this system.

Arudha Padas

Arudha Padas are one of the most important features in Jaimini astrology. Each house of a chart has its Arudha Pada as a second point of influence.

Special Arudhas are

  • The Arudha of the 1st house is called Arudha Lagna.
  • The Arudha of the 12th house is Upapada Lagna.

Remark: Arudha Padas are defined for all Vargas.

Calculation of Arudha Padas

The rule for Arudha calculation: count so many signs from the lord of a sign as the lord is away from the basic sign.

Example: Second house is Capricorn, Saturn is in Pisces. So the distance from the underlying house (Cp) to Saturn is 3 signs. Count 3 signs from Pisces, so Taurus will be the Arudha of the second house.

The Role of the Nodes

Rahu and Ketu play a special role in Jaimini astrology: they are co-lords of Aquarius (Rahu) and Scorpio (Ketu).

So Rahu must be taken as lord of Aquarius if Rahu is stronger than Saturn. Same for Ketu: Ketu is the lord of Scorpio if Ketu is stronger than Mars.

Parasara's Rule

Parasara establishes that there are some exceptions from the above rule (fourth house rule).

Rule: if the lord of the house is in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house, 4 houses must be deducted from the result.


  • Saturn is in the Ascendant in Capricorn. So the 1st house Arudha (or Arudha Lagna) will not be Capricorn but Libra.
  • 4th house Arudha for Cancer Ascendant and Venus in Aries: Cancer will be the Arudha and not Libra.

Raman's Rule

Raman and Shastri do not apply the fourth house rule for Arudha calculation.

This rule can be configured in the configuration dialog (vedic calculation tab) of Maitreya.

Most Jaimini astrologers do not follow this rule.