Nakshatra Dasas

Dasas are the most important tool for timing of events in Vedic astrology.

This chapter is not an introduction to Dasas. It is meant as comprehensive summary of their main properties and calculation basics.

Kalachakra Dasa is described in a separate chapter.

General Note

There are 3 main categories of Dasas: Nakshatra Dasas, Jaimini Dasas and other Dasas.

  • Nakshatra Dasas are based upon the Moon's position in her Nakshatra (lunar mansion). These Dasas are exposed in Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra. Most illustrious are Vimsottari, Yogini and Kalachakra Dasa. But there are a lot of conditional Dasas, too. Moreover there are some other versions of Nakshatra dasas like Lagna Vimsottari (based upon the ascendant in Lunar mansion).
  • Jaimini Dasas are described in Jaimini Sutras of Maharishi Jaimini.
  • There are various other Dasas that can nor be described as Nakshatras Dasas nor as Jaimini Dasas. Examples for these dasas are Moola Dasa (described in Kalyana Varma's Saravali) or the Dasas described in Chapter 8 of Varaha Mihira's Brihat Jataka.

Most appropriate for general purposes is Vimsottari Dasa. Yogini and Kalachakra Dasa are frequently used, too.

Other Dasas are more difficult to use and often have conditions for their applicability. Beginners should not use these Dasas until they have enough experience in Dasa prediction (through Vimsottari, etc.). Details can be found if you follow the links.

Section Contents
Dasa Balance How to calculate Dasa balance at birth time
Vimsottari Dasa Description of Vimsottari and some general notes about Nakshatra Dasas
Yogini Dasa Famous Dasa, frequently used in North India
Special Nakshatra Dasas Describes conditional Dasas of Parasara
Combination of Dasas How to combine different Dasas