Combination of Dasas

Experience shows that one Dasa alone cannot give sufficient results. Altough the major Dasas Vimsottari, Kalachakra and Yogini often give surprising results, there are situations in which a single Dasas of these three will lead to wrong predictions.

How to Combine Influences

Combination of Dasas is good solution to get out of this problem. Main question is: how to combine these influences? how to handle contradictory hints?

We show two possible approaches to get out of this problem.

Quantitative Approach

First approach for prediction in Dasa combination is the quantitative approach. This method assumes that each of the Dasas in the combination has a proportional influence on the native's life. So the combination of Vimsottari, Kalachakra and Yogini Dasa will have a value of 1/3 per Dasa.

It follows that one dasa's influence on a particular house just gives a hint that the indicated results may happen. Two such influences give a stronger hint, so the results are quite likely to happen. Three such influences make the astrologer sure that the events will take place.

But life is not so simple. Most charts have different (and contradictory) influences on the particular parts of the native's life. Moreover there may be different qualities of Dasa influences.

The scriptures give a quite unsatisfying answer to this question: they say that the results will be mixed.

Mixed results can mean this or that. Mixed influences on the 4th house can mean that the native's mother will die, he buys a new house and will have a severe accident with his car. Or it means that his mother is well disposed, his house burns down and he buys a new car.

The quantitative approach may be helpful in some cases, but cannot give us satisfying answers to the question of ambivalent influences. But so far we have assumed that all Dasas have the same character.

Estimating the Character of the Dasas

The second approach is based upon the character of the Dasas and the manner they take influence on the native's life.

We give some hints regarding the three major Dasas.


Kalachakra Dasa is also called the wheel of fortune, so it is of utmost importance.

Kalachakra determines the main streams of our lifes. This Dasa doesn't say much about the details of our life.

Hints for prediction are

  • The Mahadasa and Antardasa of Jeeva sign will influence the native's physical live, his body, family and home. The events will happen according to the strength of the planets, house lordships and influences of other Dasas.
  • The Mahadasa and Antardasa of Deva sign will influence the native's mental and spiritual life. He may get spiritual success or mental agony depending on the qualities of the planets and the influence of other Dasas.
  • Gatis (jumps) have to be regarded as fundamental. Most gatis will bring fundamental problems to the native. The critical time is the first Dasa after the jump. Gatis can occur in Mahadasas and Antardasas. The former will have fundamental influence.
  • The area of life indicated by the house of the Mahadasa will be deeply influenced according to the dignities of that house.


Vimsottari Dasa gives a high level influence of the qualities of the corresponding planets in the chart. So vimsottari makes the events happen that are indicated in the chart.

The natural character of the planets is low (15%).

  • The lord of the Mahadasa becomes kind of Lagna to the horoscope.
  • Friendships and enmity of Mahadasa and Antardasa lords are fundamental.
  • House position of Antardasa lord in relation to Mahadasa lord must be taken into account.
  • Same for Navamsa chart. Look at divisional chart for special purposes, e.g. Saptamamsa (D7) for children.


Yogini Dasa has a high influence of the corresponding Yogini. The dignities and chart positions of the planets are not so important as in Vimsottari (but don't forget!).

E.g. the influence of Ulka Yogini (Saturn) is difficult to handle even if Saturn is disposed well.

  • The combination of Mahadasa and Antardasa Yogini must be regarded with care. A good Yogini of Antardasa can give great success even in a bad Yogini's period - and vice versa.
  • Bad Yoginis bring can bring success in Antardasas of good ones if the corresponding planet is strong.
  • Same vice versa: Mahadasas of good Yoginis and weak planets will bring problems in antardasas of bad Yoginis.