Astrological Properties

Astrological objects like planets and angles have various properties like element, lord or Navamsa sign.

These properties are shown as columns in the basic horoscope views. You can choose which columns to display either permanently in the configuration dialog or temporary in the context menus.

Property Vedic/Western Contents
Declination Both Northern or southern declination relative to the Eclipse
90 Degree Longitude Western Longitude modulo 90 degrees. Used in Uranian astrology
45 Degree Longitude Western Longitude modulo 45 degrees. Used in Uranian astrology
Antiscia Western Longitude reflected at the Earth Meridian axis (i.e. Cancer/Capricorn). Used in Uranian astrology
Sign Lord Both Planet ruling the sign. In Vedic Astrology lords are up to Saturn, in Western astrology up to Pluto.
Element Both Fire, earth, air or water
Sign Quality Both Movable, fixed or dual sign.
Basic Signification Vedic Signification according to Parasara Hora Shastra. Can be edited in the Configuration dialog, see tab Vargas in Vedic Calculation.
Dignity Vedic Exaltation, debilation, Moolatrikona, friendship, see Dignities of Planets.
Navamsa D9 Vedic Navamsa sign, see Vargas (Divisions).
Nakshatra Vedic Position in 27 resp. 28 Nakshatra system, see Nakshatras.
Nakshatra Pada Vedic quarter part (3°20) of the Nakshatra (1..4), see Nakshatras.
Krishnamurti lord Vedic KP lords and sublords according to Vimsottari Dasa, see Krishnamurti Paddhati.
Shastiamsa D 60 Vedic Lord of the Shastiamsa, see Vargas (Divisions).
Dasa Varga dignities Vedic Lord of the Dasa Varga, see Vargas (Divisions).
Bhava/House Position Both Positions of the planets in houses/Bhava chakra (not Rasi), see House Systems.
Jaimini Karakas Vedic Atma Karaka, Amatya Karaka etc, see Jaimini Astrology.
Ashtakavarga points Vedic Points in Rekha chart, see Ashtakavarga.