Calculation options influence planetary positions, divisional charts, Dasas, transits, etc.

Chart calculation was a tedious task in the past. E.g. calculation of Dasas or Ashtakavarga took a lot of time. Nowadays modern software can do this job in a quick and satisfiying way, leaving time to the astrologer to concentrate on astrological analysis.

Most commonly used ephemeris of astrological software is Swiss Ephemeris. This ephemeris is quite accurate, but the results of calculations depend strongly upon the calculation options.

This chapter describes only the plain vanilla calculation options. Another important factor (esp. for Vedic astrology) is the Ayanamsa configuration. This type of configuration is described in the Ayanamsa chapter.

Table of Contents

Section Contents
Calculation Options Options for coordinate systems and time models.
Ephemeris Data Files Instructions for installation of the data files
Calculation Examples Examples showing the effect of several calculation options.