Asta Koota

Asta Koota is a method for partnership (or marriage) matching in Vedic astrology. It is based upon an analysis of the Moon positions of the couple.


Asta Koota should not be the only source for the judgment of partnership matching. Other important factors are

  1. The individual charts should be analyzed first. For example, if indications for separation are found, it is likely that the first partnership will not last forever.
  2. Mutual house positions should be considered, too. Especially the Moon, Ascendent and Venus are important factors

The Eight Koota Types

Type Points Other Names Indication
Varna Koota 1 Social matching
Vashya Koota 2 Control, amenability
Dina Koota 3 Tara Bala Health, family happiness
Yoni Koota 4 Sexual attraction
Graha Maitram 5 Rasyadhipathi Mental affection
Gana Koota 6 Character matching
Rasi Koota 7 Bha Koota Several general indications
Nadi Koota 8 Physiological matching, offspring

So 36 points are possible for traditional Asta Koota matching.

Another interesting Koota is Rajju Koota.