Upagrahas and Kala Velas

Calculation of Upagrahas

The Upagrahas are also called the Apraksha Grahas. Their position depends only on the longitude of the Sun.

The rules are given below.

Name Calculation Rule Remark
Dhuma Sun + 4 signs 13:20 -
Vyatipata 12 signs - Dhuma -
Parivesha Vyatipata + 6 signs -
Chapa 12 signs - Parivesha Other name: Indra Dhanus
Upaketu Chapa + 16:40 Other name: Ketu

Calculation of Kalavelas

The Kalavelas depend on the day time. The rules are distinct for day and night birth.


The day time (i.e. the time from sunrise to sunset) is divided into 8 equal parts. The first seven parts are assigned to the seven lords beginning from the lord of the week day (see Hora). The lord of the eigth part can be assigned, too.

Accordingly the night time (i.e. time from sunset to next sunrise) is divided into eight parts, and the first portion is assigned to the 5th lord of the weekday.

Each of these parts can be assigned to a Kala Vela. Default assignements are: the portion of the Sun ist Kala, Mars is the lord of Mrityu, Jupiter lords Yama Ghantaka, Mercury rules Ardha Prahara and Saturn rules Gulika. Moon and Venus have no Kala Vela portion. Some people say that Mandi is identical to Gulika, others say that Gulika lords the eight portion.

Moreover the portion of the rising part plays an important role: the exact point of the Kala Velas in the zodiac can be the beginning, the middle or the end of the corresponding portion. Most astrologers take the beginning of the parts as reference for calculation.

The zodiacal point of the Kala Velas is the ascending point at the time of the corresponding portion.

The rules are summarized in the table below.

Name Default Lord Default Portion Remark
Kala Sun Beginning -
Mrityu Mars Beginning -
Ardhaprahara Mercury Beginning -
Yamaghantaka Jupiter Beginning -
Gulika Saturn Beginning -
Mandi Saturn/Eight Portion None Middle of Saturn's portion, middle (or beginning) of 8th etc.

Configuration of Kala Velas

Configuration of Kala Velas takes place in the Vedic calulation tab of the configuration dialog.

Kalavela Configuration
Kalavela Configuration

The configuration has 3 parts:

  1. Selection of the Kala Vela
  2. Selection of lord. None means that the Kala Vela does not appear in display (i.e. planetary lists, graphical charts etc.)
  3. "Rises at" determines the part of the portion. Possible selections are: beginning, middle and end of the portion.

The Default button can be used to return to the default configuration.