Dignities of Planets

There are 9 different dignities in Vedic astrology.

The order from strongest to weakest is

  1. Exaltation (Uchcha)
  2. Mulatrikona
  3. Own sign (Sva Kshetra)
  4. Best friend (Adhi Mitra)
  5. Friend (Mitra)
  6. Neutral (Sama)
  7. Enemy (Satru)
  8. Sworn enemy (Adhi Satru)
  9. Debilation (Nicha)

Own Sign, Exaltation, Debilation and Mulatrikona

Planet Own Signs Exaltation Debilation Moolatrikona
Sun Leo 10 Aries 10 Libra 0-20 Leo
Moon Cancer 3 Taurus 3 Scorpio 4-30 Taurus
Mars Aries, Scorpio 28 Capricorn 28 Cancer 0-12 Aries
Mercury Gemini, Virgo 15 Virgo 15 Pisces 16-20 Virgo
Jupiter Sagittarius, Pisces 5 Cancer 5 Capricorn 0-10 Sagittarius
Venus Libra 27 Pisces 27 Virgo 0-15 Libra
Saturn Capricorn, Aquarius 20 Libra 20 Aries 0-20 Aquarius

Debilation point is opposite to the exaltation point.

Natural Planetary Frienships

Planetary friendships applies in dignity evaluation if the planet in question is not in own sign, exaltation, debilation or Mulatrikona.

The natural (or permanent) friendships of the planets are

Planet Friendly Inimical Neutral
Sun Moon, Jupiter, Mars Venus, Saturn Mercury
Moon Sun, Mercury - Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn
Mars Sun, Moon, Jupiter Mercury Venus, Saturn
Mercury Sun, Venus Moon Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars Mercury, Venus Saturn
Venus Mercury, Saturn Sun, Moon Mars, Jupiter
Saturn Mercury, Venus Sun, Moon, Mars Jupiter

A planet is in a friendly sign if he is a friend of the lord of that sign etc.


  • Jupiter in Leo is in a friendly sign because he is a friend of the Sun
  • Mars in Taurus is in a neutral sign, he is neutral to Venus
  • Venus in Cancer is in a inimical sign, she is inimical to the Moon

Temporary Friendship

The rule for temporary friendship of planets is

  • Planets in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th are temporary friends
  • Planets in the other Rasis (1st, 5th, 6th, 7thi, 8th, 9th) are temporary enemies

There is no neutral temporary relationship.


Jupiter in Pisces and Moon in Virgo are temporary enemies because they are mutually in the 7th house.


There are different opinions about calculation of temporary friends in higher Varga charts (e.g. Navamsa)

  • from Rasi chart
  • from the Varga

This option can be configured in Maitreya in the Vedic Calculation tab of the configuration dialog.

Mix of Permanent and Temporary Friendship

Rules for the mix of permanent and temporary friendship are

Permanent Temporary Result
Friend Friend Best Friend
Neutral Friend Friend
Friend Enemy Neutral
Enemy Friend Neutral
Neutral Enemy Enemy
Enemy Enemy Sworn Enemy