Sarvatobhadra is a technique for Nakshatra based prediction in Vedic astrology. Nakshatra based techniques prove to be very fruitful e.g. in Vimsottari or Kalachakra Dasa and in KP system.

Sarvatobhadra is displayed in the Sarvatobhadra Chakra (SBC). Sbc is a good additional tool for chart reading and Dasa prediction. It gives valuable information about the birth chart and its Nakshatra based positive and negative features. Moreover it gives a key for Gochara (transit) predictions and can thus be used as valuable addition for timing of events.

The Sarvatobhadra technique is supposed to be very old. The fact that Abhijit (the 28th Nakshatra ) plays a role in this technique is a hint that it comes from ancient times.

There are only spare references of Sbc in classical scriptures, e.g. a small chapter in Mantreswars's Phala Deepika. Most of the illustrious scriptures (like Hora Shastra, Jataka Parijata, Saravali or Brihat Jataka) do not mention this technique at all.

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Basics Introduction to the fundamentals
Completing the Chakra Planets, week days and Rasis in Sbc
Vedhas Explanation of the Vedhas