Shadbala is a powerful source for calculation of planetary strength. It is described in chapter 27 of Hora Shastra. Shadbala consists of 6 different sources of strength. Each source represents an aspect of strength, such as planetary placement in zodiacal signs or aspectual strength.

Subsections are

Section Contents
Shadbala Basics List of Shadbalas and Basics
Sthana Bala Positional strength and five subbalas
Dig Bala directional strength
Kala Bala Temporary strength with six sub Balas
Ayana Bala Equinoctial strength and its calculation (part of of Kala Bala)
Cheshta Bala Motional strength and its calculation
Naisargika Bala Natural strength of planets
Drig Bala Aspectual strength and its calculation
Bala Summary The sum of all Balas is the source for evalutation of their strength