Shadbala Basics


Planetary strength is important for chart prediction. Strong planets will have auspicious effects during their time of influence (Dasas, transits). Weak planets will have inauspicious effects.

Strength of Rasi resp. Bhava lords is another important aspect of the chart. Bhavas will have effects according to their strength and the strength of their lords.

Some sources of strength give hints for special purposes: e.g. Digbala gives informations about directions having positive or negative effects.


The complete Shadbala is the sum of all Balas. Balas are calculated in Rupas or Virupas. One Rupa has 60 Virupas. Most sources of strength have values between 0 Virupas (very weak) and maximum value of 60 Virupas (very strong). Other sources (like Drekkana Bala) have only a maximum value of 30 Virupas.

Parasara gives required values of strength for each planet. Planets meeting these requirements are considered to be strong. These planets will have favourable effects. Planets without strength will prove inauspicious.

Types of Shadbala

There are 6 main types of Shadbala. Sthana Bala and Kala Bala have several sub-Balas. The hierarchy (including translation of Sanskrit terms) is shown below. Please follow the links.

  1. Sthana Bala - positional strength
  • 1.1 Uchcha Bala - divisional strength
  • 1.2 Saptavargaja Bala - strength of exaltation
  • 1.3 Ojhajugmariamsa Bala - strength related to placement in odd/even Rasis and Navamsas
  • 1.4 Kendradi Bala - strength of placement in angle, succedent or cadent houses
  • 1.5 Drekkana Bala - strength according to Drekkana placement of planets
  1. Dig Bala - directional strength

  2. Kala Bala - temporary strength

  • 3.1 Nathonatha Bala - diurnal/nocturnal strength
  • 3.2 Paksha Bala - strength related to Lunar phase
  • 3.3 Tribhaga Bala - strength related to portions of the day/night
  • 3.4 Varsha-Masa-Dina-Hora Bala - strength of astrological year, month, day and hour
  • 3.5 Yudhdha Bala - strength caused by planetary war
  • 3.6 Ayana Bala - equinoctial strength
  1. Cheshta Bala - motional strength

  2. Naisargika Bala - natural strength

  3. Drig Bala - aspectual strength

Summary Bala Summary