Bala Summary

Strength and weakness of the planets depend upon their net Bala strength i.e. the sum of the Balas. The net strength is important for the judgement of the effects during Dasas and transits.

Planets with high net Bala will have strong effects. These effects will be auspisious in most cases. But strong planets can also have strong inauspisious effects, especially Saturn and Mars. Planets with low net Bala will prove inauspicious or harmless.

Shadbala Requirements

Strength and weakness of planets depend upon their total Shadbala. Planets are considered to be strong if they meet the minimum Shadbala requirements mentioned in Hora Shastra. The values are

Planet Required (Rupas) Virupas
Sun 6.5 390
Moon 6.0 360
Mars 5.0 300
Mercury 7.0 420
Jupiter 6.5 390
Venus 5.5 330
Saturn 5 300

A planet that has at least the required Shadbala Pinda is considered to be strong and will show favourable results. Nevertheless malefics like Saturn or Mars can give problems and miseries, too.

Requirements for Individual Shadbala Types

There is another Shadbala requirement template that is based upon individual requirements for different types of Sub-Balas. This approach can be used as an alternative method for judgement of strength, even if the requirements mentioned above do not match.

Planets are arranged in groups. The corresponding planet must match all the requirements in order to be considered as strong.

The table shows the required Balas in Virupas.

Planets Sthana Bala Dig Bala Kala Bala Cheshta Bala Ayana Bala
Sun, Jupiter, Mercury 165 35 50 112 30
Moon, Venus 133 50 30 100 40
Mars, Saturn 96 30 40 67 20