Cheshta Bala

Cheshta Bala is the strength of planetary motions.

This kind of strength applies only to the planets, not to the luminaries. The Cheshta Bala of the Sun is identical to his Ayana Bala; Cheshta Bala of the Moon is her Paksha Bala.

The five planets (Mars ... Saturn) may have 8 different types of motion. They can be in direct motion (slow, normal or accelerated), be stationary or retrograde. Another kind of motion is the introgression into the next/previous sign of the zodiac in accelerated of retrograde motion.

Retrograde Motion

Retrograde Planets are very strong according to Cheshta Bala. A retrograde planet is powerfull and gets the full Cheshta Bala (i.e. 60 Virupas). This kind of motion is called Vakra.

Another kind of retrograde motion is Anuvakra. A planet is in Anuvakra motion if he is retrograde and enters the previous sign in his retrograde motion. Anuvakra planets get 50% of strength (30 Virupas).

Stationary Planets

A planet is stationary if he he is devoid of motion. This happens if the motion is changing from direct to retrograde or vice versa. Stationary planets get a strength of 25% i.e. 15 Virupas. This kind of motion is called Vikala.

Direct Motion

There are 5 different kinds of direct motion described in Hora Shastra.

The motion is called Mandatara if the speed is slow. Mandatara motion gets 25% of strength (15 Virupas).

The motion is called Manda if the speed is medium. Manda motion gets 50% of strength (30 Virupas).

Normal motion is called Sama. A planet is in Sama motion if his speed is near the average. Sama motion gets 7.5 Virupas and is the weakest of all motions.

Fast direct motion is called Chara. Chara planets get 75% of strength (45 Virupas).

A special Chara motion is Atichara. A planet is in Atichara motion if he is in Chara and enters the next sign of the zodiac. Atichara planets get 50% of strength (30 Virupas).

Summary of Cheshta Bala

The table below summarizes the different types of Cheshta Bala.

Motion Virupas Speed (Percent) Remark
Vakra 60 < 0 Must not enter previous sign
Anuvakra 30 < 0 Like Vakra. Planet enters previous sign in retrograde motion
Vikala 15 < 10% of average speed -
Mandatara 15 Between 10% and 50% of average speed -
Manda 30 Between 50% and 100% of average speed -
Sama 7.5 Between 100% and 150% of average speed -
Chara 45 > 150% of average speed Must not enter next sign
Atichara 30 > 150% of average speed Like Chara. Planet enters next sign in direct motion