Astrological Objects

This chapter describes the astrological objects, i.e. planets and fictitious bodies.

All objects are usable in both Vedic and western astrology. Configuration of display takes place in the configuration dialog (permanently) or context menu of detail windows (temporarily).

Luminaries and Major Planets

These objects are standard, so they are included in all views.

Please note that there are many different names for the planets in Vedic astrology. This summary contains only the most common ones.

Name (Western) Name (Vedic) Type Remark
Sun Surya, Ravi Star -
Moon Chandra Moon -
Mercury Budha Planet -
Venus Shukra Planet -
Mars Mangala Planet -
Jupiter Guru Planet -
Saturn Shani Planet -

Lunar Nodes

Lunar nodes can be configured separately for western and Vedic astrology. Supported are

  • Mean node (default in Vedic astrology)
  • True node (default in western astrology)
Name (Western) Name (Vedic) Type Remark
Dragon head Rahu Fictitious Other names: ascending node, northern node
Dragon tail Ketu Fictitious Other names: descending node, southern node

Objects typically used in Western Astrology

This group consists of the three outer planets, 8 fictitious Uranian planets (used by Hamburgian School), 4 planetoids, Chiron, Pholus and Lilith.

Remark Some of these objects are only available if Swiss Ephemeris Data files are installed properly, see the Ephemeris Data Files page.

Outer Planets

Name Type Remark
Uranus Planet -
Neptune Planet -
Pluto Dwarf planet -

Uranian Planets

Name Type Remark
Cupido Fictitious -
Hades Fictitious -
Zeus Fictitious -
Kronos Fictitious -
Apollon Fictitious -
Admetos Fictitious -
Vulkanus Fictitious -
Poseidon Fictitious -

Asteroids and other Objects

Asteroids are called planetoids as well. Mostly these two words are used synonymously.

Ephemeris data files are required for calculation of these objects (except Lilith), see the Ephemeris Data Files page.

Name Type Remark
Chiron Asteroid -
Pholus Asteroid -
Ceres Dwarf planet -
Pallas Asteroid -
Juno Asteroid -
Vesta Asteroid -
Lilith Fictitious Moon apogee

Objects typically used in Vedic Astrology

This group consists the Upagrahas and Kalavelas (shadow planets) of Vedic astrology. For description of these bodies, see Upagrahas and Kala Velas.

Behaviour of Kalavelas can be configured in the Vedic Calculation page of the configuration dialog.

Name Type
Dhuma Upagraha
Vyatipata Upagraha
Parivesha Upagraha
Chapa Upagraha
Upaketu Upagraha
Kala Kala Vela
Mrityu Kala Vela
Ardhaprahara Kala Vela
Yamaghantaka Kala Vela
Gulika Kala Vela
Mandi Kala Vela

Arabic Parts

Arabic Parts are used in Vedic and western astrology.

Display of Arabic Parts can be configured in the Objects and Properties tab resp. Objects and Properties tab of the configuration dialog.

A summary with all Arabic parts and their calculation rule can be seen in the Text View.