General Views

Basic Horoscope View

In single view mode this view is the first displayed after creating a new chart. It is the main view of a horoscope's life cycle i.e. closing it closes all other views related to the horoscope (e.g. graphical charts, text views).

The view contains the positions of the astrologic objects and their properties. For further information see the articles on Astrological Objects and Astrological Properties.

Text View

This view contains the text based output related to several topics of Vedic and western astrology.

Remark: text output can be stored in a file: right click the text output and select one of the commands in the Export submenu. The output format can be either HTML (plain or formatted), plain text or csv.

Section Contents
Base Data Comprehensive View of birth data and basic attributes of the horoscope.
Arabic Parts Summary of all Arabic Parts. A selection of these objects can be shown in either western or Vedic chart.
Ashtakavarga Textual view of Asthtakavarga, see the Ashtakavarga page.
Astronomical High precision display of longitudes and latitudes. This page can be used for detailed view into calculation.
Bhava Shows the houses according to Vedic astrology. Cusps and Sandhis are showin in a single table. The second table shows the house position of the objects. This is done according to configuration, i.e. either relative to cusps or sandhi.
Dasa (Short) Short representation of Dasas, see the Nakshatra Dasas and Kalachakra Dasa pages. The dasa type can be selected in the toolbar.
Dasa Compact Dasa presentation in a table containing Antardasas and the current Pratyantardasa. Dasa type can be selected in the toolbar.
Dasa Long Comprehensive Dasa presentation. Dasa type can be selected in the toolbar.
Jaimini See Jaimini Astrology
Krishnamurti Paddhati See Krishnamurti Paddhati
Nakshatra Comprehensive view of the Nakshatra based properties. See the Nakshatras and Asta Koota pages.
Shadbala Textual view of Shadbala, see the Shadbala page.
Varga Textual view of Vargas, see the Vargas (Divisions) page.
Vedic Aspectarium See Drishtis (Aspects)
Vedic Planets This page contains basic planetary positions in Vedic view.
Western Aspectarium Overview of aspects in western astrology. For configuration of aspect types and orbes see Aspects
Western Planets This page contains basic planetary positions in western view.

Transit View


This view displays several transit-like events for a given horoscope and event date.

Transit Modes

The supported transit modes are

  • Transit - length of planets at the event date.
  • Solar Arc - the arc is calculated by the degrees the Sun has passed on the event date with key 1 year = 1 day (according to year length). The Ascendant is calculated depending on the arc of the MC.
  • Direction - position of all planets with key 1 year = 1 day, according to year length.
  • Constant Arc - constant arc with key 1 year = 1 deg, according to the year length.
  • Lunar Arc - like Solar, key planet is the Moon.

Year Length

The year length is important for directions and all arc methods. Supported values are

  • 365.25 - default for most astrologers.
  • Tropical (365.2422) - the length of the tropical year.
  • Special (362.83) - according to experience a good value.
  • Custom.

Solar View

The Solar chart is the horoscope of Solar return i.e. the horoscope of the moment the Sun returns to his position at birthday.

Remark: exact time of return is different for calculations with and without Ayanamsa.

Vimsottari Dasa and Muntha


TODO Muntha calculation and signification Vimsottari