Sthana Bala

Sthana Bala is the strength of planetary positions. This kind of strength depends exclusively on the zodiacal positions of the planets. Other factors (like speed, Bhava cusps or aspects) are neglected in this context.

There are 5 parts of Sthana Bala. The total Sthana Bala is the sum of these 5 parts.

No. Sthana Bala Type Description
1 Uchcha Bala Strength of exaltation
2 Saptavargaja Bala Divisional strength
3 Ojhajugmariamsa Bala Placement in odd/even Rasis and Navamsas
4 Kendradi Bala Placement in Kendra, succedent or cadent houses
5 Drekkana Bala Drekkana placement of planets

1. Uchcha Bala

Uchcha Bala is a measure for the distance between a planet and its exaltation point.

Each planet gets 1 Rupa in exaltation and zero in debilation. Other positions contribute a proportional value.

Rule: Find out the distance between a planet an its debilation point (max is 180). Uchcha Bala (in Virupas) will be one third of this value.

Uchcha Bala Example

Let the Sun be in 12 Gemini. Debilation is in 10 Libra. Distance between both points is 118 deg. So Uchcha Bala will be 118/3 = 39.3 Virupas.

2. Saptavargaja Bala

Saptavargaja Bala is the divisional strength of seven Vargas (Saptavargas). Saptavargaja Bala is similar to Saptavarga calculation, but the evaluation is different, and there is no weigthed evaluation, i.e. all Vargas have the same contribution.

The seven Vargas are

  • Rasi (D-1)
  • Navamsa (D-9)
  • Hora (D-2)
  • Decanate (D-3)
  • Saptamamsa (D-7)
  • Dvadasamsa (D-12)
  • Trimsamsa (D-30)

Each Varga placement contributes a strength according to the placement in the planet's sign.

Placement Strength (Virupas)
Moolatrikona 45
Onw Rasi 30
Extreme friend (Adhi Mitra) 20
Friend (Mitra) 15
Neutral (Sama) 10
Enemy (Satru) 4
Extreme Enemy (Adhi Satru) 2

Theoretical maximum value for Saptavargaja Bala is 45*7=315 Virupas (Planet in Moolatrikona for all Vargas).


  1. Strength calculation is not the same as in Saptavarga calculation.
  2. Exaltation and debilation play no role in Saptavargaja Bala.
  3. Moolatrikona placement in Varga charts is calculated according to sign position not to longitude (because there is no longitude in higher Varga charts).
  4. There are different opinions about temporary friendship of planets. Some say that temporary friendship is always relative to Rasi placement of planets, others say that this friendship must be calculated from the underlying Varga chart.

3. Ojhajugmariamsa Bala

Ojhajugmariamsa Bala is about the placement of the planets odd/even Rasis and Navamsas.

Female planets (Moon, Venus) get 15 Virupas if they are placed in even Rasi/Navamsa, zero otherwise.

Male planets (Sun, Mars, Jupiter) and neutral planets (Mercury, Saturn) get 15 Virupas if they are placed in in odd Rasi/Navamsa, zero otherwise.

This calculation must be made for Rasi an Navamsa chart separately, i.e. a planet can get a maximum of 30 Virupas for this kind of strength.

Ojhajugmariamsa Bala Example

Moon in 1 Pisces gets 15 Virupas for Rasi placement in odd sign and 15 Virupas for placement in female Navamsa (Cancer). The total Ojhajugmariamsa Bala is therefore 30 Virupas.

4. Kendradi Bala

Kendradi Bala evaluates the fact that planets in angles (Kendras) are stronger than planets in succedent or cadent houses.

Each planet in angle gets full strength (60 Virupas), planets in succedent houses get 50% of strength (30 Virupas), while planets in cadent houses only get 25% (15 Virupas). There is no distinction between male and female planets etc. in this Bala type.

The table below shows the Kendradi Bala for all houses.

Type Houses Strength (Virupas)
Kendra (angle) 1, 4, 7, 10 60
Panaphara (succedent) 2, 5, 8, 11 30
Apoklima (cadent) 3, 6, 9, 12 15

5. Drekkana Bala

Drekkana Bala is based upon placement of planets in decanates of Rasis.

Male planets get 15 Virupas in first decanate, female planets in 2nd decanate, neutral planets in 3rd decanate. This evalution is valid for all zodiacal signs; there is no distinction between male and female signs.

The table below shows the Drekkana Bala for Rasi positions. The degrees are the Rasi portions of the planets' longitudes (e.g. Mars in 15° Leo will have Drekkana portion of 15° in the table).

Planets/Degrees 0° - 10° 10° - 20° 20°- 30°
Sun, Mars, Jupiter 15 0 0
Moon, Venus 0 15 0
Mercury, Saturn 0 0 15