Special Nakshatra Dasas

The conditional Dasas described in this section are special Nakshatra Dasas.

These Dasas have conditions for their applicability. So they are only applicable to specific charts.

Some of the conditions are quite restrictive, so the condition for Panchottari Dasa: Lagna and Dvadasamsa Lagna must be in Cancer, this condition matches only for 1/144 of the charts. Other conditions are not so restrictive.

The conditional Dasas are exposed in Parasara Hora Shastra.


The table below gives the hints for applicability.

Name of Dasa Conditions
Ashtottari Rahu is not in Ascendant, Kendra or Trikona
Shodshottari Ascendant in Hora of the Moon in dark half of the month, or Ascendant in Hora of the Sun in the bright half of the month
Dvadashottari Ascendant is in the Navamsa of Venus. Or: Ascendant is in the Navamsa sign of Venus (Shukramsa).
Panchottari Ascendant in Rasi and Dvadasamsa (D12) in Cancer
Shatabdika Ascendant is Vargottama, i.e. Rasi and Navamsa Ascendant occupy the same sign.
Chaturashiti Sama Lord of 10 in 10
Dvisaptati Sama Lord of Ascendant in 1 or 7
Shat Trimshat Sama Ascendant in Hora of the Sun for birth during the day, or Ascendant in Hora of Moon for night birth


The conditional Dasas should only be used in combination with standard Dasas like Vimsottari and Kalachakra. Please see the next pages for details.