Mac OS X Note

According to conventions the shortcut Ctrl must be replaced by the Cmd Key.

Mouse Actions

Action View Type Effect
Right Click All Open Context Menu
Mouse Wheel Graphical Chart (Vedic and western) Toggle Skin
Mouse Wheel Graphical Dasa, Dasa Tree View and Text Views Scroll
Shift + Mouse Wheel Graphical Dasa Toggle Antardasa Level
Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Graphical Dasa Increase/decrease Zoom

Keyboard Shortcuts

Actions on already opened Views

Description Accelerator
Vedic Mode V
Western Mode W
Close Window Ctrl+W
Close Window Escape
Close File Shift+Ctrl+W
Edit Horoscope Data B
Animate Chart Shift+Ctrl+A
Save Ctrl+S
Save As Ctrl+A
PDF Chart Ctrl+P
Quick PDF Chart Shift+Ctrl+P

Actions on Application Level

Description Accelerator Remark
New Ctrl+N Single or multiple accorinding to config
New Single View Shift+Ctrl+N Always single type
Multiple Child Choice Shift+Ctrl+M Always multiple type
Multiple Child Ctrl+M Choice for multiple view type
Open Ctrl+O Open a file
Exit Ctrl+Q Leave the application
Configuration C OS X: Cmd+,
Atlas L
Hora H
Ephemeris E
Eclipse Ctrl+E
Partner P
Yoga Editor Ctrl+Y
Documentation (Web) F1 Internet connection required
About Shift+F1

Create new Views

Description Accelerator
Ashtakavarga A
Dasa Tree D
Dasa Tree Composite Ctrl+D
Graphical Dasa G
Sarvatobhadra S
Shadbala Ctrl+B
Solar Ctrl+T
TextView T
Transit R
Uranian U
Varga Summary Ctrl+V
Western Chart 0
Yoga Y

Vedic Varga Charts

Description Accelerator
Rasi (D-1) 1
Navamsa (D-9) 2
Hora (D-2) 3
Drekkana (D-3) 4
Chaturtamsa (D-4) 5
Sastamsa (D-6) 6
Saptamamsa (D-7) 7
Ashtamsa (D-8) 8
Dasamsa (D-10) 9
Dvadasamsa (D-12) Shift+0
Shodasamsa (D-16) Shift+1
Vimsamsa (D-20) Shift+2
Siddhamsa (D-24) Shift+3
Bhamsa (D-27) Shift+4
Trimsamsa (D-30) Shift+5
Chatvarimsamsa (D-40) Shift+6
Akshavedamsa (D-45) Shift+7
Shastiamsa (D-60) Shift+8
Ashtottaramsa (D-108) Shift+9
Dvadas-Davadamsa (D-144) Shift+Ctrl+0
Bhava Shift+Ctrl+1