Command Line Interface

The command line interface (cli) is an addon for text oriented extraction of astrological output.

The cli can be used

  • under Linux/BSD: use the executable maitreya8t included in the binary package or from the source folder "src/jyotish"
  • OS x: build the cli from source, see above
  • Windows: build it from source, see installation on Windows Systems

There is a help text showing all the parameters when the cli is excuted without command line parameters (or the option "--help').

Setting Date, Time and Location

Date and location can be set by the command line parameters, either by the "date" and "location" switches or by using a file storing the parameters (mtx file stored saved by the gui application).

Switch Signification
--date=[string] Set UT date YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
--ldate=[string] Set local date YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
--location=[string] Set location "name LL:LL[:LL] BB:BB[:BB] (+/-)TZ"
--file=[string] Open given file and use data for calculation

If the date is not explicitly set, current system date is used. Location is set to zero if not set by cli parameters.


The location parameter can contain four elements, each separated by a space. The whole group must be enclosed by quotation marks.

  • Location name without spaces
  • Longitude in deg:min:sec for eastern hemisphere. Use negative numbers for western hemisphere. Minutes and seconds can be omitted.
  • Latitude in deg:min:sec for northern hemisphere. Use negative numbers for southern hemisphere.
  • Time zone in hours. Western hemisphere should use negative numbers.


Calculate planets for New Dehli/India and a given local date

maitreya8t -ldate="1978-12-1 13:20" --location="NewDehli 43:12:27 22:54:10	5.5" --vedicplanets

Calculate planets in western style for Rio de Janeiro and current date.

maitreya8t --location "RioDeJaneiro -43:12:27 -22:54:10	-2" --westernplanets

Secondary Date Parameters

These parameters apply in several use cases

  • Ephemeris (year and month)
  • Transits (event date)
  • Hora
  • eclipse calculation (Start date of time span)

They can be set explicitly for year/month/day.

Switch Signification
--year=[integer] set additional year (transit, Solar)
--month=[integer] set additional month (transit)
--day=[integer] set additional day (transit)

Day and month count start from one, so January is "1" etc.

Default values are taken from the current system date.


Print Ephemeris for March 1963

 maitreya8t --year=1963 --month=3 --ephemeris

Output Style

Western and Vedic style can be explicitly set. Default will be the preconfigured style.

Switch Signification
--vedic Force Vedic mode (instead of default)
--western Force western mode (instead of default)


Print ingress events for current month according to Vedic astrology

 maitreya8t --vedic --ephemeris-ingress

Output Format

Default output format is plain text. It can be overwritten by the following switches.

Switch Signification
--html Maitreya formatted HTML format (like in GUI application)
--plain-html plain HTML
--csv csv, can be used for spreadsheet import of tables

Basic Output and General Astrology

Switch Signification
--base-data Show base data of chart
--astronomical Show astronomical data
--arabic Show Arabic parts
--planet-list List planets (like in main window, using switch for Vedic/western)
--solar Show Solar chart

Vedic Astrology

There are several switches for Vedic astrology. The output is identical to the correspoding text widgets of the GUI application,

Switch Signification
--vedicplanets Show vedic planets (like in TextView)
--kp Show Krishnamurti Paddhati
--bhavas Show Bhavas
--nakshatras Show Nakshatras
--vargas Show Vargas
--ashtakavarga Show Ashtakavarga
--yogas Show Yogas
--jaimini Show Jaimini calculation
--shadbala Show Shadbala
--dasas=[integer] Show Dasa nb #n (short form)
--dasas-compact=[integer] Show Dasa nb #n (compact form)
--dasas-long=[integer] Show Dasa nb #n (short form)
--shadbala Show Shadbala
--hora Show Hora

Western Astrology

Similar to the Vedic astrology switches.

Switch Signification
--westernplanets Show western planets (like in TextView)
--aspects Show aspects
--uranian Show Uranian Analysis
--uranian-yearlypreview Show yearly preview (Uranian astrology)


Transit date can be set with the year/month/day switches described above.

Switch Signification
--transits Show transits
--solar-arc Show Solar arc
--directions Show directions
--lunar-arc Show Lunar arc
--constant-arc Show constant arc

Ephemeris and Eclipses

Switch Signification
--ephemeris Show ephemeris
--ephemeris-sunrise Show ephemeris sunrise/Tithi
--ephemeris-ingress Show ephemeris ingress events
--ephemeris-lunar Show ephemeris Lunar events
--ephemeris-kpevents=[string] Show ephemeris kp events for Dasa #n
--eclipses Show eclipses


Print siderial time, sunrise, sunset and Tithi for September 2010 (Ephemeris view, third tab)

 maitreya8t --year=2010 --month=9 --ephemeris-sunrise

Partner Astrology

Switch Signification
--file2=[string] Open second file for partner chart
--partner-vedic Show Vedic partner analysis
--partner-composite Show partner composite chart