Printing Charts

The printout of Maitreya has been re-implemented in version 4.0. The new philosophy of printout is based upon Pdf documents. This approach eliminated various pitfalls of platform dependent printout (e.g. font sizes, page feeds) and enables the printout for web applications. Printouts can easily be exchanged via email.

The program generates Pdf files and stores them to the file system. These files can be viewed with a standard Pdf viewer like xpdf or Acrobat Reader.

The type of printout can be configured in the configuration dialog or in the print configuration dialog.

Print Commands

There are 2 print commands

  1. Standard Print Command: Choose Document->Print, check the print button in the tool bar or type Ctrl+P. The print configuration dialog will pop up and lets you choose your desired printout. The pre-selected printout can be configured in the configuration dialog. (Apprearance tab).
  2. Quick Print Command: Choose Document-> Quick Print or type Shift+Ctrl+P to generate a document according to the configured default printout..

Printout Types

There are several different printout types. These types can be configured in a separate file (printout.dat).

No. Printout Name Description
1 Vedic Default List of Planets including Nakshatras, Rasi and Navamsa Chart, Vimsottari Dasa (similar to old 3.x printout).
2 Western Default List of planets, western chart (similar to old 3.x printout).
3 Vedic KP Like (1) but with KP lords.
4 Western Uranian Like (2) but with Uranian planets, no houses.
5 Vedic Comprehensive Multipage printout with various Vargas, Vimsottari and Kalachakra Dasa.

Other printouts can easily configured. Users are encouraged to define their own printouts and commit them for the benefit of the community.

Launching the Pdf Viewer

The Pdf Viever can be launched automatically after creation of the Pdf document. This feature can be enabled in the configuration dialog (appearance tab). Details depend upon the operating system.

Windows Notes

Start of the Pdf Viewer depends upon the Windows configuration for the mimetype application/Pdf. This configuration will usually launch an Acrobat Reader.

Linux/BSD 4.4 Notes

An appropiate Pdf Viewer will be searched along the path if you execute the print command for the first time. The program will search for xpdf and kghostview and store the information in the configuration. You can change the viewer in the appearance tab of the configuration dialog.