This section gives examples for the influence of Ayanamsa on chart calulation and Dasa prediction.

Reference is the chart of His Holyness the 14th Dalai Lama, born Jul 06 1935 11:45 AM local time in Chinghai/Kohonor/Tibet (29:43N, 91:41E).

The Rasi chart is given below.

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His Holyness came into great diffculties when Tibet was occupied by the Chinese army in 1959. He lost his position and had to change his residence; many of his people died.

Loss of residence is indicated by Moon and Venus in 12th house aspected by strong retrograde Saturn, Rahu in 4 and Sun (lord of 12) afflicted by Ketu in 10.

Vimsottari Dasa

The chart has the Moon in the 3rd Pada of Purva Phalguni.

The calculation for Vimsottari Dasa can be seen in the table below.

Ayanamsa Moon's Position Balance at Birth Start of Moon Dasa
Lahiri 20:37:01 Leo Venus 9Y 0M 26D August 01 1950
Krishnamurti 20:42:48 Leo Venus 8Y 11M 4D June 09 1950
Raman 22:03:46 Leo Venus 6Y 10M 26D June 01 1948

Lahiri Ayanamsa has Moon/Venus Antardasa from June 1958 until the end of January 1960 (similar Krishnamurti). Raman Ayanamsa has Mars/Rahu in 1959.

Kalachakra Dasa

The chart of His Holyness has the Moon in the 3rd Pada of Purva Phalguni, therefore belonging to Apsavya chakra with Taurus Amsa, Paramayus of 85 years, Deha Capricorn and Jeeva Gemini.

There was Manduka gati during the step of Kalachakra from Cancer to Virgo.

This is a severe affliction. Moreover Virgo is occupied by Mars, and the planets in the 12th house give inauspicious influence during the jump.

Jataka Parijata (adhyaya 17, Sloka 95) gives the following interpretation of Manduka Gati in Kalachakra Dasa.

At the time of mandukagama occurs, the death of a revered person or of one's parents may happen; or there may be danger from poison, deadly weapons, fire, fever or incendiary brigands.

The calculation of the Moon's longitude and Virgo Kalachakra Dasa according to different Ayanamsas is given in the table below.

Ayanamsa Moon's Position Start of Virgo Dasa
Lahiri 20:37:01 Leo October 11 1954
Krishnamurti 20:42:48 Leo April 25 1952
Raman 22:03:46 Leo November 26 2000

Virgo Kalachakra dasa matches in Lahiri and KP Ayanamsa. Lahiri Ayanamsa gives for 1959 Antardasas of Aquarius (afflicted by Saturn) and Capricorn (Deha of the chart, therefore causing bodily pain).

Raman Ayanamsa shows Pisces Dasa from 1949 to 1959, preceded by Simhavalokana from Scorpio to Pisces.