Hora, Dina, Masa and Varsha lords are closely connected.

Hora Lords

Each day has 24 Horas in total. Day and night are both divided into 12 equal parts. Each of these parts is called a Hora and has a sublord.

The first sublord of the day is the weekday lord, i.e. the first Hora after sunrise is assigned to that lord.

The order of the sublords is relative to their period in descending order, see the table below.

Sublord Approx. Period
Saturn 29.46 Years
Jupiter 11.86 Years
Mars 1.88 Years
Sun 1 Year
Venus 0.62 Years
Mercury 0.24 Years
Moon 27.32 Days

The list is cyclic, i.e. the next period after the Moon's period is assigned to Saturn.

Dina: Lords of the Weekdays

Each day has its lord. This is the natural order of the days in the week. The lords are listed in the table below.

Day Lord
Sunday Sun
Monday Moon
Tuesday Mars
Wednesday Mercury
Thursday Jupiter
Friday Venus
Saturday Saturn


  1. The order of the lords is the same as the order of the planets in Vedic astrology.
  2. Hora and Dina lords are connected if we make steps of three in the list of Hora lords: there will be a jump from Sun to Moon, Mars etc.

The Six Cycles of Lords

A simple rule can connect the lords Varsha, Masa, Dina and Hora.

No. Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Inverse Order
1 Hora Sat Jup Mar Sun Ven Mer Moo 3 Natural Period (inverse)
2 Dina Sun Moo Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat 5 Days of the week
3 Masa Moo Mer Ven Sun Mar Jup Sat 1 Natural Period
4 Varsha Sun Mer Sat Mar Ven Moo Jup 6 Days of the week (inverse)
5 - Sat Ven Jup Mer Mar Moo Sun 2 -
6 - Jup Moo Ven Mar Sat Mer Sun 4 -