Balance at Birth Time

This chapter describes the calculation of Dasa balance for Kalachakra.

Calculation of Dasa Balance

  • Determine the birth Nakshatra and the Pada of the Moon.
  • Calculate the portion of the Moon in the birth Pada. This can be done with the time method or with the longitude method.


Male birth at July 6 1935, 11:45 AM local mean time. Location Chinghai/Kohonor Tibet, longitude 91:41:00 E, latitude 29:43:00 N. Universal time of birth is 5:38:16AM.

Moon's position is 20 37'00" leo (Lahiri Ayanamsa). Birth Nakshatra is Purva Phalguni 3rd Pada.

The elapsed Pada portion is 0.185031824 (time method).

Finding the Birth Influence

  • Determine the Savya/Apsavya chakra for the birth. Determine Paramayus, Amsa, Deha and Jeeva.
  • Get the expired portion or the Kalachakra by multiplying the Pada portion with the Paramayus.
  • Deduce the number of years of the Kalachakra Mahadasas from the portion of birth Pada until the value doesn't fit into the next Mahadasa. This procedure will yield the Mahadasa at the birth.
  • Determine the elapsed time of the first Mahadasa (proportional value).
  • Calculate the following Dasas.


Again the same chart.

The birth is in Purva Phalguni 1st Pada. So we have

  • Apsavya chakra, Mrigasira group
  • Deeha is Capricorn, Jeeva is Gemini.
  • Paramayus is 85 years.

Since the Paramayus is 85 years, we get a time portion of 15.72770504 years = 15 years 8 months 22 days.

We deduct the Mahadasa times from this value until the last Mahadasa is greater than the portion.

  1. 1st Mahadasa is leo (5 years): 15.72770504 - 5 = 10.72770504.
  2. 2nd Mahadasa is Cancer and has 21 years. This is more than 15.7 years, so we have found out that Cancer is the first Mahadasa.