Motion of the Chakra

The motion of the kalachakra procedes through the 12 rasis. So the normal gati will from aries to taurus etc. until pisces is reached.

But Kalachakra is more complicated: there is a change of signs that depends on the ambiguity of the rasi lords.

Rule: signs having the same lords will be exchanged.

Exchange of Lords in Kalachakra
Exchange of Lords in Kalachakra

The same thing is shown in the table below. Reverse signs are shown in yellow.

Step # Lord Direct Motion Reverse Motion
1 Mars Aries Scorpio
2 Venus Taurus Libra
3 Mercury Gemini Virgo
4 Moon Cancer Cancer
5 Sun Leo Leo
6 Mercury Virgo Gemini
7 Venus Libra Taurus
8 Mars Scorpio Aries
9 Jupiter Sagittarius Pisces
10 Saturn Capricorn Aquarius
11 Saturn Aquarius Capricorn
12 Jupiter Pisces Sagittarius

This movement can be compared with a planet having direct and retrograde motion. It is like a wheel that goes up and down, or like a pendulum.

Getting the Kalachakra Amsa

Calculation of the Kalachakra Amsa is as follows

  • Savya: the Amsa is the same as the Navamsa of the Moon n the birth chart.
  • Apsavya: the amsa is the dual sign. So Aries Navamsa of the Moon will yield Scorpio Amsa etc. Cancer and Leo Navamsa will always stay the same.

The table below summarizes the Amsas.

Navamsa of the Moon Amsa in Savya Amsa in Apsavya
Aries Aries Scorpio
Taurus Taurus Libra
Gemini Gemini Virgo
Cancer Cancer Cancer
Leo Leo Leo
Virgo Virgo Gemini
Libra Libra Taurus
Scorpio Scorpio Aries
Sagittarius Sagittarius Pisces
Capricorn Capricorn Aquarius
Aquarius Aquarius Capricorn
Pisces Pisces Sagittarius