Gatis (Jumps)

Gatis (Jumps) are irregular motions of the Kalachakra. These jumps play a key role in the native's life.

The picture below shows the possible jumps.

Kalachakra Gatis
Kalachakra Gatis

First Jump: Mandooka Gati

Manduka Gati is the frog jump. It is a jump that leaves out a single sign.

Manduka Gati happens when the signs Cancer and Leo not have the normal zodiacal order in the chakra.

There are two Manduka jumps

  • from Virgo to Cancer
  • from Leo to Gemini

Second Jump: Markati Gati

Markati Gati is the monkey's jump. This jump happens if the signs Cancer and Leo are not traversed in the regular order of the corresponding chakra.

Markati Gati is placed between two Manduka Gati jumps, i.e. in the sequence


there are tow Manduka Gatis and one Marakati Gati.

Third Jump: Simhavalokan Gati

Simhavalokan Gati is the lion's jump. It is a trigonal jump.

Simhavalokan Gati happens if there is a change of direct and reverse motion in the chakra. There are two jumps

  • from Pisces to Scorpio
  • from Sagittarius to Aries

Interpretation of the Jumps

We give hints of Parasara (chapter 46; 101-111) for the convenience of the reader

Manduka Gati (Savya)

101-102. The effects of the Dasa of the Rasis with Manduka Gati in the Savya Chakra are distress to friends, relations, parents and elders and there is likely to be cause for trouble from poison, weapons, thieves and enemies. In the Manduka Dasa of the Gati of a sign from Leo to Gemini there is the likelihood of the death of the mother or self, trouble from Government and possibility of brain fever.

Markati Gati (Savya)

  1. The effects of the Dasa of sign with Markati Gati in the Savya Chakra are loss of wealth, agricultural products and animals, death of father, or an elderly close relation and feeling of lethargy.

Simhavalokan Gati (Savya)

104-105. The effects of the Dasa of the Rasis with Simhavlokan Gati in the Savya Chakra are possibility of injury from animals, loss of amity with friends, distress to near relations, drowning in a well, fall from animals, possibility of harm from poison, weapons and diseases and destruction of residential dwelling.

Manduka Gati (Apsavya)

106-108. In the Dasa of the Rasis with the Manduka Gati in the Apsavya Chakra the effects will be distress to wife and conditions, loss of children, possibility of feverish conditions and loss of position.

Markati Gati (Apsavya)

In the Dasa of the Rasis with the Markati Gati there may be danger from watery places, loss of position, distress from father, punishment from Government and wandering in the forests.

Simhavalokan Gati (Apsavya)

With the Simhavlokan there may be destruction of the dwelling and death of father etc.

General Indications of the Jumps

109-111. If the movement is from Pisces to Scorpio, the native may suffer from fever; if from Virgo to Cancer, there may be loss of brothers and kinsmen; if from Leo to Gemini, there may be ill health of the wife; if from Leo to Cancer, the native may die; if from Sagittarius to Aries, there may be death of uncles and similar relations. If the sign is in conjunction with a malefic, adverse conditions may be expected in the Dasa of that sign. Favourable effects will be felt in its Dasa if the sign beeing in conjunction with a benefic.